Set audio filters on the current song.


Set a 24/7 channel.


Add a song to the blacklist


Remove a song from the blacklist


Show the bot's ping


Send an invite to the bot's support server


Useful information about the bot


List of bot commands


Play a song in the voice channel!


Kick the bot from the voice channel


Enable or disable the loop of the current song.


Pause the current song


Resume the current song


Skips the current song


Stops the queue and removes the bot from the voice channel.


Set the volume of the current song.


Clear the queue.


Information of the song playing


Shuffle the queue


Skip to a specific moment of the song


Send an invitation to add me to your server


Send a link to the KenaBot dashboard


Enable premium mode with a code


Go to the previous song in the queue


Show the queue


Remove a song from the queue.


Skip to a specific song in the queue.


Shows the status of the bot's shards.


Create or join a Kena Together session


Shows the lyrics of a song


Start a Discord Together activity.


Bot configuration menu


Information about a Spotify artist.